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Our Guards

Our professional, reliable, and well-trained guards are our biggest asset.

Meticulous Selection

You can rest assured that every DP Security Officer has been thoroughly screened in compliance with local, state and federal regularions before he or she ever sets foot on your property. At DP Security, we don't hire hire "warm bodies" off the street. We look for qualified candidates who we can trust to protect our clients and our reputation.

Our pre-employment policy insists on a complete background investigation that includesdrug screening tests, verification of DMV, criminal and appropriate security license records. A comprehensive interview is also conducted to ensure that you have only mature, responsible and well-trained secrity officers. At DP Security, we strive to place officers on your site who have th ability to perform thei duties in the best interests of your organization.

Guard Training

All DP Security officers must pass a comprehensive final examination. All personnel have clearances and California State Guard Qualification Credentials. Our training process exceeds state licensing requirements. Certified instructors interact with each officer candidate through lectures, role-playing, and scenario training. Our curriculum covers a broad range of topics such as: Basic and Advanced Security Operations, Understanding State Legal Guidelines, Public Safety, Conflict Management and Resolution, Managing Cultural Diversity, Effective Report Writing, and CCTV Monitoring.

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