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Richmond Anti-Drug Task Force
Description: The Richmond Anti Drug Task Force Program was established to address the proliferation of illegal drugs in our communities, and the victimization of local residents by gang activity and the violence it produces.I was an active member of the Richmond Anti-Drug Task Force for eight years, and work directly with the Richmond School District, local city officials, local law enforcement and parents to design and execute programs that intervene directly and effectively in the lives of local teens and young adults suspected of drug use and gang involvement. The team utilizes a combination of grass roots activism and case management methods to develop and employ comprehensive programs that address the following areas:

  • Crisis Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Identification of Pertinent Issues
  • Identification of Appropriate Services

As a result of the programs efforts, local officials have seen a reduction in the number of gang-related incidents reported to the police since the programís inception and credit the programsí work with the at-risk teens referred to them.

Berkeley High School
Description: Provided security services to Berkeley High School. The campus serves approximately 3,000 students in grades 9 to 12 on a 17-acre campus. The racial composition reflects the rich ethnic and cultural mix of the city. Services include:

  • Provided student safety and supervisory assistance on school premises.
  • Assisted in general supervision of school grounds and buildings.
  • Assisted with administrative enforcement of school regulations regarding conduct.
  • Participated on school committees dealing with student conduct and human and community relations.
  • Oversaw and coordinate parking and bus regulations on school grounds and reports accidents on school property.
  • Responded to complaints of losses of personal and school property.
  • Developed procedures to deter trespassers from school property.
  • Assisted in the establishment of local security and safety procedures and schedules.

WCCCUSD School Improvement Projects
Description: We provided mobile security patrol services for the district's school retrofit projects. Contact David Azcarraga 510-620-2159

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